Snorunner The family fun snowmobile for winter!!!
  • Snorunner Brand New High Performance

    $3,650.00 $3,240.00

    You get a brand new High Performance snorunner in the crate. The price Iam asking is cheap considering what other motorcycles and snowmobiles cost new.This is your chance to own a piece of very rare history. This one has the High performance muffler on it and the AK9001 kit also on it from the factory. We also have all the paperwork that came with it along with the original shipping invoice from 1982. I have only seen one other one with High performance package in the crate. I can ship it by truck which will cost around $320 to the lower 48 states, We will have to build a plywood crate to protect it which will ad about $120, Total shipping fees $440 or you can pick it up for free. The crate has some storage damage to it. If you plan on riding it, You will have to replace the fuel lines, carb kit, and possibly a track from 30 years of storage.