Snorunner The family fun snowmobile for winter!!!

Clutch 3.5" 15tooth High Performance "Sprocket part only"


This is a original new High Performance 15 tooth clutch housing without the clutch weights. If you change your head gasket to the thin one and put this clutch and the highperformance muffler it will add 1-2 horsepower to your sled. This clutch will make your snorunner take off faster and give it more topspeed, because the engine doesn't have the power to run top rpms with the stock 17tooth clutch. This clutch comes with the outside housing pictured and the cage bearing. The clutch weights with springs are sold separately. Alot of snorunners have the clutch worn out on them or a bad bearing. IF you want a complete clutch you have to buy the clutch weights too.