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  • Coil Engine Aftermarket


    This is a new aftermarket engine coil which mounts to your old original coil bracket comes with 2-bolts and Installation Manual. Brand New

    This is what gives your engine spark, If your engine has a weak or no spark this takes care of the problem. This is the only part to the spark system there is no points or any other parts to the spark system, other then the magnet on the flywheel which excites the coil.. To check if your coil is dead remove the little plastic cover next to the recoil that covers the coil, Then disconnect the white wire from the coil ( This elimenates the whole wiring system thereby bypassing any problems that you might have with your wiring system)When you turn the shut off switch on handle bars off,What you are doing is grounding the white wire to the frame which shuts off the engine coil so there is no spark. Then remove the spark plug and keep the plug attached to the coil wire, Hold the threads of the plug against the aluminum head cover and pull the engine over ( Make sure your engine is turning counter clockwise when your on the recoil side of engine, Some people rewind the recoil the wrong direction then the engine spins the wrong way and there will be no spark. ALso check the gap between the flywheel and coil, this gap should be as close as possible with out touching the magnet on the outside edge of flywheel) IF you still don't get a spark then you need to replace the coil. Also remember if your plug wire comes out of coil you can screw it back in, There is a screw inside coil wire hole so you can unscrew the wire if needed or attach a new wire if needed. Engine coils can go out at any given time.