Snorunner The family fun snowmobile for winter!!!

Fuel Line Kit disconnect


You get the intank filter, Intank Fueline,Male disconnect, Female Disconnect, Fuel line to carb. All New parts. When a snorunner sits around for years with out being run the gasoline in the tank and fuel lines turns into brown crud which causes the disconnect to become plugged and also the fuel filter which is inside the gas tank to become ruined. The fuel lines also get brittle. If you need to clean out your fuel tank remove the fuel line and filter from tank then dump a gallon of MEK into it ( you can buy MEK at ace hardware Make sure you don't smoke around it and also do this outside) then dump a container of BB's from a BB gun into the fuel tank, Let the MEK sit for a day, Then rock the tank back and forth so the BB's break up the hard stuff in the tank. Then dump out the BB's and MEK. It work real well. IF you break off the Male disconnect fitting on the bottom of the tank you can buy a Bolt extractor and drill the hole in the broken threaded piece a little bigger then hammer in the bolt extractor and most of the time it will come out, If not buy a 1/8" Pipe tap and drill it out to the size written on the tap and retap the hole.